Atkinson School - Squid Hat Creation


Atkinson School - Squid Hat Creation


It's that time of year again Atkinson Families...

Come in & work with The Maker Mill staff in creating your Squid Hat for school.  We will be helping the kids by teaching them sewing skills & how to cut out a pattern. Everyone will work hard in making their hats. 

Date: Monday, December 11th Time: 4:00pm-6:00pm

Cost: $25.00

*ONLY 5 KIDS PER CLASS (I will add an extra day if needed)

You must bring in 1 yard of fleece fabric for the main body, we will provide fabric colors for the rest of the parts (Tentacles).  We also have many other items that can be used for various things (Eyes, Glitter,  Elastic for staying on your head, stuffing).  If you have something special that you wanted added to your squid bring it in with you.

*Note if children would like to have different color tentacles they can mix and match their left over body fabric with their friends or with our supply.

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