Saturday STEM (Free for members)


Saturday STEM (Free for members)


Saturday STEM Workshops are FREE for members. Click here to learn more about our memberships. You don't have to be a member to participate in these workshops.

Join us here at The Maker Mill for some STEM fun every Saturday afternoon. We'll be introducing a wide variety of STEM ideas and fun each week.

September 16th - Chess Club (Grades 3rd+)

September 23rd - Come see us at The Fall Festival

September 30th - Lego Mindstorm (Grades 3rd +)

October 7th - Rube Goldberg Building (Recyclable Materials) (K-3rd)

October 14th - Chess Club (Grades 3rd+)

October 21st- Engineering Experience (K-3rd)

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Chess Club


Chess is an incredibly fun & addictive game that requires skill and strategy. It helps teach children strategic thinking, logic and it's fun, too. 


  1. How to set up the board
  2. How the pieces move
  3. Strategies

We will get you started with the very basic rules and teach you some starting strategies and tactics. 

Engineering Experience


We will work as team and individually to build and engineer multiple projects. Some projects mightinclude, doodle bots, catapults, cranes, musical instruments, etc. This workshop will involve critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity.

Portal 2 Game Design & Creation (5th Grade +)

Learn the intricacies of video game level design using Portal 2's creation chamber. In this course, we will learn how game mechanics interact with each other, how lighting affects a game environment, game physics, and more! Using this information, students will design and play their own custom Portal 2 puzzles. We will provide all students with a Maker Mill copy of Portal 2 during their time in the course, though students are able to use their own Portal 2 accounts if they choose. All students will have the option to take home their game files, however, they will need to purchase their own copy of Portal 2 on PC to run these files at home. 

Life Science Experience


Enter the fun world of Life science and learning about the world around us. The children will be introduced to The Scientific Method while conducting hands on experiments to learn about the life cycle of the butterfly, dissecting Owl pellets,  observing plants, Etc. Skills learned in this workshop are observing, predicting, measuring, and comparing.