Saturday STEM (Free for members)


Saturday STEM (Free for members)


Saturday STEM Workshops are FREE for members. Click here to learn more about our memberships. You don't have to be a member to participate in these workshops.

Join us here at The Maker Mill for some STEM fun every Saturday afternoon. We'll be introducing a wide variety of STEM ideas and fun each week.

June 17th- Robotics (Grades 3rd+)

June 24th- Astronomy (K-3rd)

July 15- Make Block Robot, Lets Play Soccer(grades 4th+)

July 22nd- Chess Club (Grades K+)


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This fun workshop is meant to explore a variety of robot concepts including motors, sensors, design and control.  During this workshop participants will white board, design, build and develop skills in coding. Several robotics platforms will be explored including LEGO Mindstorms and Makeblock.


 Let’s get learning while having fun in this exciting new workshop.  Kids will learn about planets, moons, comets, asteroids and stars in this fun interactive workshop.  Working on various experiments that deal with light and shadows to help us understand illumination and shadow length.  Don’t worry we will also have some fun with Lego. 

Circuits & “Tear-It-Down”

Let’s take things apart and see what’s inside during thisHackathon. We invite kids to explore how things are made, identify components that make things work by tearing them apart. We'll put those old or broken electronics and toys to good use as we explore the insides and outsides to create something new. We make no guarantees what you make will work...but it will be fun trying!!! Learn and explore different types of circuits. Using Snap Circuits, squishy circuits, little bits and more we will go from learning how a circuit works to creating your own. If you have an old component or toys at home, bring them in and we will help take it apart.

Chess Club

Chess is an incredibly fun & addictive game that requires skill and strategy. It helps teach children strategic thinking, logic and it's fun, too. 

  1. How to set up the board
  2. How the pieces move
  3. Strategies

We will get you started with the very basic rules and teach you some starting strategies and tactics.