Advanced Minecraft - 9am


Advanced Minecraft - 9am


Join the Advanced & Modded Minecraft Maker’s Club at The Maker Mill. We will be experimenting with a number of mods chosen by our teachers in our private, Maker Mill administered Minecraft environment. The Advanced & Modded Minecraft Maker's club is perfect for advanced players and those who love to build and experiment. Each week we'll explore various mods as we create our world.


Time: 9:00am - 10:00am

Suggested Grades: 3rd+

Prerequisites: Players must have prior experience with the PC version of Minecraft and be capable of typing commands.

Cost: $20 per class

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Members can only register for 2 Mincraft classes per Saturday due to our 2 hour visiting limit.

Please review our Refund & Make-up Session Policy prior to signing up for class.