August Session 2 - Summer Of Makers 2017

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August Session 2 - Summer Of Makers 2017

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Join The Maker Mill for our Summer of Makers workshop program.  Each week is packed with a variety of STEM enrichment and Maker activities that are hands-on, fun and educational. 

Each day kids will participate in a variety of workshops to develop their STEM & Maker skills. 

Session 2 (August 14th - 18th)


  • K-3rd Grade Classes - Jr. FLL Experience
  • 3rd - 6th Grade Classes - Stop Motion Experience
  • 4th - 8th Grade Classes - Circuits & “Tear-It-Down” + Soldering Experience
  • Middle School + - NOT RUNNING THIS WEEK
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How it Works

Summer of Makers is structured as half-day, full-day and full-week workshops. 

Full-Day and Full-Week participants can bring a peanut free lunch and snacks. We will be hosting fun lunchtime and afternoon activities.

To create a focused and fun learning experience, summer workshops are limited to a maximum of 10 children per session with 1 instructor and 1 mentor. 

Workshop Descriptions

Jr.FLL Experience (K-3rd):  Swing like a monkey, fly like a bat, or hop like a frog into the FIRST® LEGO® League Jr. CREATURE CRAZE season. Whether in zoos, on the farm, or in your own back yard, we all encounter animals in our lives.  In the 2016-2017 CREATURE CRAZE Challenge, over 40,000 children will dive into the wonders of the animal kingdom. What will you learn about our furry, feathered, and finned friends?

Each year, Junior FIRST LEGO League (Jr.FLL®) presents a new and exciting Challenge to ignite the creativity of young children.  While exploring the real-world theme, teams will learn about simple machines as they build a model made of LEGO® elements with a motorized part.  They will also learn to present information through a Show Me Poster.  Throughout their experience, teams will operate under the Jr.FLL signature set of Core Values, celebrating discovery, teamwork, and Gracious Professionalism®. We recommend you attend the whole week or concurrent days for this workshop, due to it being team based with a presentation on Friday.

Stop Motion Experience (3rd-6th): Beginning , Action, Middle, Climax, End...Those are the parts of a story students will learn and use as they develop a full stop motion short movie.  These fun and highly interactive sessions teach kids to work together and collaborate as they develop the next stop motion hit movie. The children will be designing the set for their hit movie & using clay, Star Wars figures/ships, Lego’s and much more.  The movies will be loaded onto our Facebook page for viewing with family and friends.  We will also be making mini movies using iPads capturing the art of making slime, tower building and more. Please choose concurrent days when selecting this workshop each project starts on Monday and builds off the prior day’s knowledge and design.

Circuits & “Tear-It-Down” + Soldering (4th-8th):  Let’s take things apart and see what’s inside during this week-long Hackathon. We invite kids to explore how things are made, identify components that make things work by tearing them apart. We'll put those old or broken electronics and toys to good use as we explore the insides and outsides to create something new. We make no guarantees what you make will work...but it will be fun trying!!! Learn and explore different types of circuits. Using Snap Circuits, squishy circuits, little bits and more. We will go from learning how things work to creating your own. We will also be soldering a project and modifying a nerf gun. If you have an old component or toys at home, bring them in and we will help take it apart.  We start a new project every day so feel free to jump in any day of the week. (Required: Please bring an old Nerf Gun to class on Tuesday morning & Soldering project will be on Thursday morning) Join in any day!!!

Test (Middle School +): NOT OFFERED THIS WEEK


  • Half Day Sessions (9am-12pm or 1pm-4pm): $60
  • Half Day Sessions All Week (Mon-Fri either 9am-12pm or 1pm-4pm): $275
  • Full Day Session (8:30am-5pm): $110
  • Full Week (8:30am-5pm): $500

Registration Process

Step 1: Review the complete list of workshops for your preferred week and be sure there are workshops available for your child's interests and age group. The Age Category is listed next to each workshop.   Scroll down to see full descriptions of each workshop.  You can enroll in many workshops for a single day, but some workshops build upon the prior days skills.  Please read the full descriptions of each class or call if you have questions.   Middle School + categories do not run every week so please look take a look at the schedule before choosing this option.

We understand that some students may be more advanced in certain areas of technology.  Please feel free to choose outside of the age range if you feel your child has already mastered a skill in a certain area of interest.

Please contact us at or 978-258-0883 with any questions.

Please review our Refund & Make-up Session Policy prior to signing up for class.