Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of the frequently asked questions we get.  If you don't find the answer to your questions please contact us directly at

Q: What is The Maker Mill?

A: The Maker Mill is a community makerspace and STEM enrichment center for kids, teens and parents located in North Andover, MA.  We provide an immersive open space that encourages creativity through exploration with the latest technology and STEM educational tools.  Our workshops, Fellow program and exploratorium space have been uniquely designed to spark the natural curiosity and problem solving abilities in all of us.

Q: Why are we closing?

A: We have enjoyed 4 wonderful years with everyone here at TMM.  So many schools and libraries are adopting STEAM and Maker ideals that we feel it's time to look at the next opportunity for ourselves and our community.  We feel proud to have inspired so many.

Q: Can I still schedule a party?

A: Yes, we are still running at full capacity through the end of day Sept. 15th.  There's no better way to learn and explore than with a group of friends.  See our parties page for more information on the types of parties we can host.

Q: What will happen to our equipment, can I buy something?

A:  We will be selling off items such as our laser cutter, 3D printers, chairs, desks and many miscellaneous items.  We will also be donating to various local nonprofits. 

Q: I have a drop in certificate can I still use it?

A: Yes please com in and use your certificate, we are running at full capacity all the way through Saturday Sept. 15th.

Q: How do I keep up with the events and activities at The Maker Mill?

A: We have a variety of channels to help you stay informed.  We encourage you to sign-up on our homepage for our mailing list and newsletter.  You can also see what's happening on Facebook and Twitter.

Q: Does your space accommodate children with special needs?

A: Our location is handicapped accessible and we have built-out our labs and Exploratorium to make the experience fun and enjoyable for all.  Unfortunately, we do have limited staff for assisting those with special needs so we encourage parents to be available during your child's visit. 

Q: Is there guest wireless and a waiting area?

A: We offer complimentary guest wireless and have designed a parent lounge for those times when you are not exploring with your children. 

A: For Weekly workshops that meet during the school year, you may request a credit or full refund up to one week (7 business days) before the first day of class minus a $10.00 processing fee.

For School Vacation Workshops (Example: Holidays, February & April Vacation), you may request a credit or full refund up to two weeks (14 business days) before the first day of class minus a $30.00 processing fee. After this time, no refund or credit will be issued.

For Summer Workshops, you may request a credit or full refund before June 8th minus a $30.00 processing fee. After June 8th no refund or credit will be issued. 


Q: What is the refund policy for Workshops & Vacation Classes?

Q: What is the Make-up session policy for workshops?


A: Make-up sessions will only be provided if The Maker Mill cancels a Workshop due to weather or instructor illness. 


Q: My Child is in a Workshop and their sibling would like to stay and play in the open are, is there a charge?

A. We offer discount of 1/2 off the drop in fee for siblings to stay and play.


Q: What is the Late Pick-Up Policy for Summer & the school year Programs & Drop-Off's?

A. We close at 5pm after summer programs Monday - Friday and 6pm Monday - Thursday during the school year.  We do not offer late pick-up, we charge $1.00 per child for every minute you are late.