Dear Maker Mill Family,


It is with great sadness that we announce the pending closure of The Maker Mill.  We have had the honor and privilege of serving the community for over 4 years. We sincerely thank you for entrusting us with your children & their STEM learning adventures.  While operating The Maker Mill we have had the amazing opportunity to meet so many people and work in conjunction with many schools, libraries and STEM programs.  Doing so we have had the chance to reach so many young minds.  It has been such an incredible experience to have gotten to know so many you.

As we look towards our next endeavor, stay connected through our Facebook account and email.  We’re not entirely sure what will be next, many ideas have come our way over the years and many more continue to flow. 

We will be open and run at full capacity through Saturday, September 15th.  If you are a Pokémon & Pizza fan, please sign up for our final Parents Night Out on Friday September 14th.  We will have all our staff here for the event. 


We have setup a closing FAQ page at


Thank You

Hollie, Kelly, Tim & the entire TMM Staff