Custom Mold: Create & Reinvent

At the Maker Faire in NY I got to see a great product called ComposiMold. 

With ComposiMold you can take your favorite item for example a shell, toy, figurine or even make a mold for chocolate.  You can then use that mold to make many replicas.  Here is what you can cast in it: Plaster, Concrete, Plastics, Candle Wax, Soap or create Edible Treats!  The material can be reheated and cast into may different items.

Check them out.

-Happy Making

A dark detecting circuit for your jack-o’-lantern

Fall is in the air and todays idea comes from Mad Evil Scientist.   Instead of purchasing small battery operated tea lights lets buy some LED's and make our own pumpkin that automatically shuts off when it's daylight.

Click here for full directions and diagrams.


  • A phototransistor (we use type LTR-3208E)
  • 2N3904 (or similar) transistor, QTY 2.
  • 5k ohm resistor
  • Yellow or red LEDs, QTY 2. (We used 10 mm diffused yellow LEDs)
  • 50 ohm resistors (one for each LED)
  • Battery holder with 2 AA-size alkaline batteries

What Is A Trebuchet & How Does It Work?

What is it ? a machine used to throw heavy payloads at enemies. It was used in the middle ages.

How does it work ?  It works by using a counterweight, when the weight falls it uses that energy to launch something (ex. A rock or a ball) at high speeds. The counterweight must be heavier than what you are launching to get the maximum speed. 

What was it used for ?  It was used in battle to throw far distances.  It was more accurate than the catapult.

Purchase the Keva Set  here or build one of your own.

For our Artists: A Rainbow Sun Catcher

I love a do it your self project that it beautiful to display in the house.  1st you want to pre-heat your oven to 400 degrees.  Then take your beads and place them in any pattern that you like all over your pan.  Pat them down to make sure they are even.  Bake for about 20-25 minutes depending on your oven, and take them our to cool.  After your sun catcher cools tie a string through it and attach your suction cup to the string. 

Tip:  Do not overfill your pan you want a blank space to attach your string.


  1. Clear String
  2. Rainbow Beads (Craft Store)
  3. Suction Cup
  4. Oven Safe Pan

-Happy Making

Recycle & Make a Marble Maze Toy

With school starting up most of you all have a shoe box sitting around the house.  Lets make a fun game out of it for the kids to play with.  The materials are listed below, and little ones will need an adult to help with the glue gun.  You can make your maze as easy or hard as you like.

-Happy Making


  1. Marble
  2. Shoebox with lid
  3. Crafting sticks
  4. Glue gun

Sewing Electronic Bookmarks


This project is for our older Makers, lets take Sewing to a new level with this project.  When you are done you will have your own custom bookmark that can be used as a book light. What you will need to make a bookmark is conductive thread, LEDs, coin cell battery holder, battery, chalk, needle, scissors, glue, paper, felt, colored pencils and fabric.  Most of these items can be found around the house. 

For complete directions click here.