A Very Special Anouncement: Minecraft Joins Hour of Code

Minecraft Joins the Hour of Code!

Since the very beginning, probably the #1 Hour of Code request we’ve heard is a tutorial featuring “Minecraft,” a game very special to girls and boys alike. We heard you! Today, we present Minecraft Hour of Code, in partnership with Microsoft and Mojang AB for the Hour of Code coming in just three weeks.

The tutorial introduces learners to basic coding and guides them to mine, build, and explore in a 2-D “Minecraft” world.  https://code.org/

Join us at The Maker Mill to complete your Hour of Code for FREE

Date/Time: Come in for 1 free hour of coding

  • Monday - Thursday December 7-10th /  2:45pm - 7pm
  • Saturday, December 13th /  10am - 3pm