Birthdays and Special Events are a Blast!

Nothing gets kids more excited about exploring and making than having their friends join in on the fun.  Birthdays or other special occasions are a great opportunity to come to The Maker Mill.  We have designed various maker themed parties to accommodate you and your guests.   If you do not see an option you like please call & challenge us.

Call or Email for more information: 978-258-0883,

All parties include the following:

  • Party Length: 2 Hours

  • Paper Plates & Water Bottles

  • Private use of our facility

  • 12 participants per party ($15 per additional child / 35 Max)

  • Pizza from local pizzeria Stachey's (special dietary needs can be addressed during planning)

  • The Maker Mill T-Shirt for the special guest

  • A silly group picture (digital) in front of our party themed green screen (processed within 10 business days)


Party Times:

After Hour Party Times:

  • Fridays: 3pm - 8pm
  • Saturdays: 3pm - 8pm
  • Sundays: 11am - 8pm

Open Party Times: ($25 Dollar Discount on Open Hour Parties)

  • Mon. - Thur.: 3pm - 7pm
  • Saturdays: 12pm - 3pm


  • T-Shirts for all partygoers (discounted): $13 each
  • Adult Food: 2 Large Cheese Pizza's, 8 Water bottles (8oz.), Plates & Napkins: $30
  • Additional Crafts can be added $25 per craft (average cost)

Party FAQ:

  • We do not allow outside food
  • Membership Discount does not apply to Birthday Parties



    Science Mania!!!


    Lets get those little minds thinking.  We'll explore the fun, gooey and gross side of science concepts of slime which is with icky, creepy, and gross.  The kids will be encouraged to ask questions, observe, and research their findings all while experimenting and having fun. Kids will decorate and go home with their very own slime monster.  If time permits we will have a craft.

    Ages: 5-10

    Cost: $400


    Intro to Robotics

    Get your kids ready for robotics and computer programming with this hands on Lego® class.  Our WeDo class is a fun and easy way to learn about robotics. You will be placed on a team & will build a variety of fun contraptions that can be plugged into the computer and programmed to move via a USB cable.  Lego's programming language is block based like scratch.

    Grade: 2nd + (Max. 10 Children)

    Cost: $340


    Digging Minecraft

    We offer a fantastic Minecraft themed party that combines playing and creating within the Minecraft universe. Partygoers are challenged with a variety of worlds that helps them to build new skills and compete against their friends.  All participants play together using their own creations on a private LAN. 

    Note: There is a limit of 14 simultaneous players.For large parties we split the group into rounds and provide additional activities during non-playing time.

    Ages: 7+

    Cost: $350


    The World of Battlebots

    Battlebots are a great way to celebrate a special event.  Kids team up to develop armor and a battlefield strategy in a real world robot battle.  Each team will enter a robot battle ring and duke it out to see who's robot can stand the longest.  This is a high energy party with loads of learning and fun.  We utilize Mindstorm robots that are armored and programmed.  No experience necessary.  We provide mentorship for each team to program their bot.

    Ages: 10+  (15 students Max)

    Cost: $350


    Robots Rule!

    The world of robotics is changing rapidly and kids are more excited than ever to explore these small and often large creations.  Our robotics themed party provides a hands-on exploration of what goes into creating a robot and let's each participant work on their very own robot.  We offer a variety of small robotic kits as an add-on that each partygoer can create and take home.

    Ages: 8+

    Cost: $350 + Add-on kit


    Lego® Makers in Action

    Nothing is more fun than seeing the wonder in a child's eye when they are creating and building objects through Lego® building and creation .  During our Little Makers party, we introduce various building sets and challenges using Lego®.  This party is a fun and interactive using kits and loose Lego® pieces.  

    Ages: 5-10

    Cost: $375


    3D Me

    This package explores 3D designing using Tinker-cad & printing the birthday boy/girls item.  Each participants gets a hands-on experience creating their very own 3D printed creation.  The party attendees items will be printed within a week and can be picked up at the mill. It's a fun and exciting introduction to 3D printing. 

    Ages: 8+

    Cost: $350


    Roblox Fun!!!

    Lets have some fun playing the most popular game around.  Children will learn how to play if they have not been previously exposed to Robolox.  They will all be playing in our 14 room computer lab that will be monitored by our awesome staff.  We will also break for some fun & kid friendly Trivia using kahoot. 

    Ages: 8+

    Cost: $350


    Wear Me Out & Arts and Crafts!

    Nothing is more fun than making something you can wear to school, out to play or  at home.  Our Wear Me Out party explores the newest innovations in eTextile & Wearables.   We will also pair this party with fun craft projects such as Paracord Bracelet &  Jewelry Making. Our Mentors and Fellows will assist in picking out just the right project that excites the imagination and let's each child take home an electronic wearable they created. 

    Ages: 8+

    Cost: $320


    Exploring the Mill!

    In this fun filled 2 hour party designed for all ages we will be exploring anything you would like at the Mill.  Employees will be on hand rotating around to help with usernames, passwords and instructions.  Explore and ask questions  and best of all have fun playing with your favorites.  We will have the computer lab open, MIP Robots out, Osmo, the wind tunnel and anything special you are looking for.  Feel free to request something special setup before the party, consumables taken home may be additional charge.

    Ages: 5 - 100

    Cost: $400


    Jewelry Making Fun!!!

    Party and have fun with friends while making a beautiful custom piece of art. Jewelry making is such a fun and creative way to spend your birthday.  Choose either a necklace or bracelet to take home.  We can also have fun with our Karaoke Machine singing the latest songs with your friends.  Our Jewelry party invites kids & teens to explore colors, patterns, design techniques, crimping and knots.  How much fun is it to bring your custom creation home as a favor.

    Ages: 7+

    Cost: $350


    Marshmallow Launching Fun!!!


    Everyone is delighted by the weird physics of the Marshmallow Shooter. You load the mini marshmallow at the mouthpiece, and then blow sharply. Surprisingly, the marshmallow follows the curves inside the shooter and finds its way out the end of the barrel, no matter how crazy a shooter you build!

    Drop the kids off to have fun building a Marshmallow Launcher and we will sneak a little learning in as well. Weather permitting we will be going outside to launch marshmallows. We will launch inside if the weather is not working with us.

    Learn About:

    • Force, Inertia, Friction, , Pressure, Newton's Laws of Motion

    Grade: 3rd Grade + 

    Cost: $375 (YES YOU GET TO TAKE YOURS HOME!!!)

    Stop Motion Mania

    If you love storytelling, movies, and creating this is the ideal birthday party for you.  You and your friends will explore the medium of stop motion animation to create your very own movie.  At the conclusion of the party we will play your movie during pizza & cake & email a copy to you.

    Grade: 3rd Grade + 

    Cost: $350