A passion for exploring, learning and making...


Hollie Baggs, Founder & Chief Maker

Hollie Baggs is the Founder and Chief Maker of The Maker Mill.  More importantly, Hollie is a mother of elementary age children who are obsessed with tinkering and making.  It's no accident as Hollie's been encouraging her children to learn and explore through Legos, computer programming and a variety of building materials to create any project they dream of.  It's no surprise that Hollie has raised her children with the "I can make that" mindset, Hollie's true passion was tinkering as a child.  Hollie was born with an “I can fix it” attitude and was always taking apart her radio, computer or VCR and trying to solve  problems herself.

As her children have grown and their imaginations develop Hollie has understood the importance of creative play and exploration in the learning process.  Through sharing their projects with friends, family and the community she has seen an opportunity to create afterschool programs and enrichment activities that can further a child's opportunity to tinker, make and learn. 

Prior to leaving the business world 7 years ago, Hollie spent 13 years taking on big challenges in highly energized start-ups and several established companies in a variety of roles including product development, marketing, customer service and technical support.  In recent years, Hollie has been making and inventing as her entrepreneurial passions have driven into new ventures.

Hollie lives in North Andover with her husband and business partner Tim and their 2 children. Hollie has become a an advocate for STEM and education reform. She frequently participates in roundtable discussions and parent groups to help drive the next big change in education advancement for the Commonwealth.  Hollie has been a child advocate for over 10 years as a foster parent and mentor to other foster families. When not working, Hollie enjoys volunteering in her children’s elementary school, hiking and skiing with her family.  Hollie can be reached by emailing her at hollie@themakermill.com.

Timothy Baggs, Co-Founder & Technical Fellow

Tim has a deep obsession with continuous learning, tinkering and building anything his mind can imagine.  As a young boy, Tim often sat and watched his dad for hours in their woodworking shop (basement).  At age 6, the maker bug finally hit him and Tim picked up a hammer and hasn't put it down since.  Tim moved on from just hammer and nails and today spends hours on the 3D printer, laser cutter, CNC, soldering iron and behind the keyboard programming the latest microcontroller boards.  Tim's creative side has also led him into photography, video production and game development.  Tim's toolbox grows each day as he continuous to explore and learn.  Tim's passion for making hasn't slowed a bit and today he shares it with his 2 elementary age kids opening their world to the amazing possibilities of being a maker.  By co-founding The Maker Mill, Tim hopes to encourage the maker spark in other children and share his passion for learning, exploring and making with the community around him. Tim, like Hollie, has become a an advocate for STEM and education reform. He frequently participates in roundtable discussions and parent groups to help drive the advancement in education reform in the Commonwealth. 

Tim has spent the last 20 years in the technology community and the last 14 years as a Principal Business Strategist and Technical Architect at Microsoft Corporation.  In his current role, outside of The Maker Mill, Tim spends much of his time directly with customers understanding the economic, industry and technological challenges facing today’s global enterprise.  Armed with data and insights, Tim is responsible for developing and delivering strategic change programs both inside and outside of Microsoft to address the ever evolving forces affecting organizations.  Tim’s current role evolved from many years spent delivering global enterprise architecture to some of the world's largest organizations.

Tim is a frequent presenter at various technology and business events.  He is the founder of the Arizona SharePoint Professionals Group and a member of the MassTLC Internet of Things Working Group and CTO Community.  Timothy’s more diverse interests include photography, woodworking, skiing & mountain biking

Kelly Gallant, Partner & Director of Mini Makers


Kelly Gallant is Partner and Director of the Mine Makers Program at The Maker Mill.  Kelly received her education in Science with a major in Early Childhood Education. While in school Kelly spent numerous hours volunteering as an elementary school instructor and tutoring young children. From that point on Kelly knew that her career would involve teaching and nurturing young minds.

Kelly has spent most of her career in child care where she focused her passion on educational needs evaluation, curriculum development and program coordination.  Kelly has also spent time as a nanny to multiple families, in which she was responsible for the early enrichment activities including structured educational outings and providing daily learning engagement opportunities for young children.  She has over twelve years’ experience working in child care and early childhood education. Exploring with children and being hands on during arts, crafts and anything science related is truly one of her passions.

Today, Kelly lives in Billerica, MA with her husband Brian and their two amazing sons. She is a hands on mother who has always encouraged her children to explore the world around them. On the weekends Kelly and her family often spend time outdoors hiking and exploring nature.  In her spare time she enjoys making custom-designed gifts and gift baskets, cooking, card games, crafts, and sports.  Kelly is a true maker at heart she believes that encouraging kids through creative play and activities is essential for their development.