What is The Maker Mill?

The Maker Mill is a community Makerspace and STEM enrichment center for kids and teens. We provide an immersive open space that encourages creativity through exploration with the latest technology and STEM educational tools.  Our workshops, Fellow program and Exploratorium space have been uniquely designed to spark the natural curiosity and problem solving abilities in all of us.


What Can You Do at The Maker Mill?

We have over 3000 square feet of space dedicated to exploring, making and learning. 

  • Computer lab for coding, building apps & game development

  • Electronics & Circuits Lab

  • 3D Printers (CAD class is required 1st)

  • Robots of all sorts

  • Blocks and more blocks (Lego®, Kapla, K'nex etc..)

  • Littlebits Kits

  • Minecraft Worlds

  • Renewables & Wearables

  • Photographic & Video Production

  • and much more...